1993-95 Ford SVT Lightning

The very first vehicle by Fords SVT team, the Lightning is my favorite pick-up. They were first in production in 1993 and were mainly used at work trucks, that is why they are so hard to come by now a days. Looking at this truck from the outside it looks like a regular half ton but when you look under the hood that all changes. With a 5.8L Windsor V8 putting out 240hp and 340 ft lbs of torque, she can hold her own. The most significant aspect on this truck is the 4.10:1 gear ratio. This is just the icing on the cake to this Ford ledgend. In 1995 there was only 695 red models made and I am proud to say we found one. I don't think you could ever offer me enough money for that truck. Come to think of it I wouldn't want to own any other truck......besides a second generation Lightning but we'll save that for next time.

1995 ford Lightning

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