Ford Raptor

The Ford SVT team has had great success for almost two decades with the Lightning and cobra, now its the Raptors turn. This is a Baja inspired design of an F-150 with the help of Fox racing. This is by far my dream truck with a 320hp 5.4l under the hood and 390 ft lbs of torque this is the baddest F-150 on the market.......and this is just the base model, the second generation will have a 6.2l 400hp V8 with 400 ft lbs of torque!!!! Some other specialties of the truck is the 4.10:1 gear ratio which you don't find in many production trucks. SVT really out did themselves with this design, this truck can handle any slope, terrain, jump or load you give it. Another interesting aspect of this truck is the suspension developed by Fox racing. This allows the Raptor to his jumps and take corners at speeds that would cripple other half-ton trucks. The 2011 Raptor gets more than two thumbs up from me.