Could Jimmy Win Again?!?!

The sport of Nascar has been dominated the past 5 years by a driver that could soon be in the same class as The Intimidater and The King. Jimmy Johnson has won multiple cups and numerous races. The point standings this year show Jimmy in third Jeff Gordon in second and Tony Stewart  in first. Now do I like Jimmy..........NO! I think he is a cocky driver that is cheating constantly. He was even caught with a modified restrictor plate race last year. Now I can honestly say I have grown to like Jeff Gordon over the years and am happy that he is doing good this year. As for the sprint cup's newcomer Joey Logano he is by far a crowd favorite, winning his first race last year in Lounden NH, which I witnessed, he has a long way to go and I hope that he ends up finishing in the top 10 next year. As for Jimmy this year I hope he continues to have his bad luck streak because I don't think i can handle another Jimmy Johnson Sprint cup win.

2 thoughts on “Could Jimmy Win Again?!?!

  1. I think that jimmy has a pretty good shot at winning the sprint cup this year. He has dominated the racing world for the past 4 years and i don't think you can count him out of this year.

  2. I like Jeff Gordon too and would rather see him win than dale, tony, jimmy or anybody else

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