Cummins Power!!!!

The Dodge Cummins is a diesel engine that has intrigued me ever since I got into engines. They have had unbelievable success in the diesel industry from a smaller, less problematic engine. What is so fascinating about the cummins is that all of their engines are straight 6's. What this means is the pistons are aligned in a straight line instead of the normal V configuration. These engines are normally 5.9 or the newer 6.7 liters and push out just as much horsepower and torque as its competitors with a straight 6! Now I am and always will be a Ford guy but these cummins are some pretty incredible engines. I have never heard anyone complain about the engines or the trucks in general not to mention they sound incredible. I think Dodge really stepped outside of the norm when having cummins design this engine and they did a pretty good job if you ask me.

2001 Dodge Cummins 400 hp 900 ft lbs of torque